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Wonders started out in 1990 by offering a product for working women whose careers were starting to blossom; comfortable shoes with a fresh and appealing design for daily use. From its humble beginnings, the label continued to grow, always on the look out for a modern and attractive look, both in terms of its design and its products.

Calzados Danubio, based in Elche in Alicante, is a company with over 25 years in the industry, has marketed the Wonders label since 1990. Innovation and marketability are both present in the brand’s collections and have led Wonders to succeed in markets all around the globe. As quality has always been one of its main weapons of choice, it uses genuine leather to create the shoes on its own premises.

New additions to the design process and to the exports department mean that Wonders still has much to say and give to the market: a youthful outlook for a new corporate atmosphere.

The Look

Wonders is a brand that targets a young public without ever losing its competitive edge. It creates fun and appealing models in top-quality materials, always using the finest leather. Comfort and design become one with shoes and boots intended for the everyday public.

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