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Trend Les Copains is the younger, reasonably priced line from Les Copains. And, not surprising for a label associated with luxe Italian knitwear since its inception in the late fifties, Trend Les Copains interprets knits for a contemporary audience and produces fragrance and accessories as well. Sardinian designer Antonio Marras signed on to launch the expansion line in 2000 but prematurely ended his contract in April 2005, due to overextension. The designer for the main Les Copains label, Antonio Berardi, took over upon Marras's sudden exit, only to stay a few years before his contract ended in February 2008. With Albino D'Amato at the helm as of April 2008, the growth of Trend Les Copains seems to have moved to the backburner, as D'Amato turns the house's attention more toward men's and the main Les Copains line.

The Look

The Les Copains customer is a stylish and sophisticated women who is perfect for every occasion and who recognized in our brand class, charm and timeless elegance.


1988 Les Copains (W)
1990 Les Copains Homme
1991 Les Copains Green twist (W)
1998 Les Copains l'homme (M)
1999 Les Copains Eau Marine (W)
Les Copains Trend (W) launchdate unknown
Les Copains Trend (M) launchdate unknown
Les Copains Le Bleu (M) launchdate unknown
2004 Papillon (W)
2007 Femme (W)

Trend Les Copains Fashion Shows

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