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In 1989, TSE the cashmere label, was founded by Augustine Tse, supporting an idea that this luxury yarn, up to that point, had been greatly under-utilized. This beautiful raw material had been used very one-dimensionally, was very classic and expensive, and was perceived to be reserved only for the elite. The objective of the company was to incorporate this incredible material into all aspects of one's life and make it more accessible to a broader audience. It was this modern adaptation of the traditional commodity that forever changed the luxury cashmere business.

Today, TSE is both a wholesaler and a retailer with businesses that are comprised of a woven designer collection strongly supported with luxury knitwear of impeccable quality. The company stays true to its original philosophy, which is to continue to be a laboratory for ideas and innovations.

TSE's parent company's background lies in knitwear manufacturing. In collaboration with the provincial government of Xiang Jiang in China, TSE has complete control from securing the purest raw materials to yarn spinning operations to the production of all finished goods. From the onset, TSE has been committed to the responsibility of consistently delivering quality items.

TSE has invested heavily in the development of the latest and best manufacturing technology available. It is this relationship between design and production that has enabled TSE to realize the most fashion innovative collections for its customers.

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Oprah, Julia Roberts, Billy Crystal

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