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founded by

Italo & Paolo Sodini

belongs to

Cinzia, Federico & Elena Sodini


An Italian story. Italo Sodini is the classic example of the self-made man. In 1967, after seven years of experience as agent in cosmetic field, as well as in perfumes, accessories but especially in bijouterie field, he decided to open his own company. Italo was a talented and enterprising man who wants to complete in a growing Italy, but at the beginning his radius of action was only Tuscany.

In 1971, Paolo, Italo’s younger brother came in and it was a successful entry. Together they were united to create a more structured and precise project: to design an Italian bijoux line to offer to a competent customer, through the diffusion of a handicraft.

In 1975, few years after the company birth, Italo and Paolo Sodini had a brilliant intuition: to create a trademark with the Sodinis’ logo constituted by Italo’s signature.

The time was ripe to construct a legally recognized society: Sodini Bijoux Ltd. in 1982. In reality Sodini brothers, Italo and Paolo had been working together for a long time, as if this society had already been created.

In 2004 Italo Sodini’s children, Cinzia, Federico and Elena joined officially the company management. This step was taken when each of them has been practicing for several years in the company, always working following their own specificities and aptitudes. They had matured the necessary technical knowledge’s in their field, they had understood that their abilities up unit now expressed, were valid to conquer that goal long for. Today they perfectly know that from now on, they won’t be only supposed to cooperate, but they have to act personally.

From 2007, one of the most important signs of the new trends in the present company’s structure, was the choice to start a massive advertising investment on leading fashion magazines, in fact this was an important and profitable instrument of communication with the end user, letting the public knowing their style and abilities.

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