Annabella Pellicceria S.P.A
Corso Cavour, 1
27100 Pavia (PV)


founded by

Gilio Ravizza

belongs to

Giuliano Ravizza


The Company was founded in 1953 and Annabella, along with �Ravizza�, �Casanova�, �Il Duomo� and �La Tex�, was one of the five stores in which Gilio Ravizza sold custom-made clothes. He used to be assisted by his son Giuliano who, as well as being a practicing doctor, shared his father�s passion for the world of fashion.

The turning point came in 1965, when the death of Gilio Ravizza meant that Giuliano had to make a life-changing decision. He opted for fashion, focused on Annabella and closed the other shops. Within few

years he transformed Annabella into a ladies furrier boutique.

He followed his intuition and brought women�s furs into the pr�t-�porter world: hence these garments were no longer considered a luxury for the few privileged ones but articles that could be worn right

away. The impact was like a lightning bolt and the popularity of Annabella quickly spread, with customers arriving from all over Italy.

In the Seventies, with the first private TV channels, the brand underwent a surge in its fame and became a point of reference in the sector. In the Eighties the �testimonials� emerged, starting with Alain Delon, who also helped the launch of �Simonetta Ravizza�

brand, an emerging Collection that, from then on, has been setting the fashion trends. Giuliano Ravizza passed away in 1992, but his know-how, passion and exploration and his ability to look to the future were inherited by his daughter, Simonetta, and his sons,

Ruggero and Riccardo, who gave new impulse to Annabella.

A shop named Simonetta Ravizza was opened in Milan on via Montenapoleone.

In the hit parade of the luxury brand names most frequently quoted by the Italians, published by a leading financial daily newspaper, Annabella has conquered an enviable position as a true object of desire, the fur as a status symbol, a pleasure to possess and show off. A truly Italian name finds itself among such celebrated international symbols like Rolex, Ferrari and Rolls Royce.

Among its many winning cards, what truly sets Annabella apart is its strong links with the town of Pavia, its decision neither to decentralise the production nor to disperse its distribution retailers. A very high quality product, a niche selection with its own special, exclusive aura.

At the very time when the global market is expanding as never before, with mass produced goods reducing everything to the same common denominator, the value of the brand recovers its central position. In the words of Riccardo Ravizza: �Annabella is and intends to remain a family Company offering high added value, with an image of the most absolute prestige, a more human dimension that still is opened to the great adventures of the world�.

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