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founded by

Gennaro Muscariello

belongs to

Les Montres Srl.


Roccobarocco Watches & Jewels is a young and dynamic brand, mirror of the fashion-art philosophy and tightly connected to fashion and market developments. Thanks to a wider range of models Roccobarocco Watches & Jewels collection is targeted at y young, smartly and absolutely fashion clientele. The modern attractive design, the careful selection of materials the exquisite details inspired by fashion and most innovative technologies are only some of the most important characteristics of the brand. The winning, unconventional, irreverent and elegant creations make Roccobarocco a world-famous Italian stylist. His taste and his personality are the soul of his watches and jewels collections and turn them into real seductive instruments infusing people who wear them with a unique and incomparable charm.

The Look

Defining a style by attention to detail. This is the philosophy behind the roccobarocco watches collection.
Jewels of precision and beauty that complement any style, from gorgeously glamorous to easy-going casual.
Exquisite details and sinuous simple lines combined with technology and precision create endless combinations of models todare and shock, interpreting the way you are.


1987 Roccobarocco (W)
1989 Gold Jeans Cologne (M)
1991 Tre (W)
1995 Silver Jeans (W)
1997 Gold Jeans (W)
2001 Mouse (W)
2003 Mouse Cologne (M)
Fashion Man (M)
Fashion Woman (W)
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