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Gennaro Muscariello

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Rocco Barocco


Rocco Barocco opened his first atelier in the Piazza di Spagna in 1968. Success was immediate and he established Roccobarocco in 1974. His popularity with the Roman jetset increased his fame throughout Europe. He was soon exporting clothes to France, the U.S., and Japan.

The Rocco Barocco label is also found on ranges of leather goods, handbags, hosiery, jewelry, umbrellas, and shoes. His perfume and toiletry line, Rocco Barocco III, has had lasting success, and the designer branched out into designs for the home, including furniture, porcelain tiles, and refined ceramics. Barocco views his success as transitory, accompanied by inevitable changes. However, from an outsider's point of view, these changes only result in further expansion of the business, ultimately promoting the name of Rocco Barocco on a wider scale.

The Look

Rocco Barocco defines his style as being rigorous, humorous, impudent, and poetically imaginative. He has a taste for the daring and avant-garde in design and detailing. He also enjoys working with embroidery and gold, in particular. Barocco prefers to work in soft and sumptuous materials like paillettes and satins or cashmeres and cr�pes. His favorite color combinations are black, black and white, or optical effects, combinations repeating themselves through numerous collections and which have helped define the Rocco Barocco style.


1987 Roccobarocco (W)
1989 Gold Jeans Cologne (M)
1991 Tre (W)
1995 Silver Jeans (W)
1997 Gold Jeans (W)
2001 Mouse (W)
2003 Mouse Cologne (M)
Fashion Man (M)
Fashion Woman (W)

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