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Pinko is an extraordinary fashion reality of Made in Italy. Many sales-points are located all around the world.

Pinko, the clothing brand was founded by two young entrepreneurs, Pietro Negra and Cristina Rubini, in the mid-1970s. Pinko was originally developed as "instant fashion," a concept by which "flash" collections are released each week, to meet the demands of a continually evolving market.

Towards the end of the 1980s, the company directed its strategy along new lines, introducing the concept of "semi-planned" fashion and a new distribution formula that saw the take-off of Pinko franchising.

Creating a distinctive global image and ensuring distribution through multi-label sales channels are the keys to the strategy that established Pinko on the international market.

The collection is a real “product project”, extremely varied in both issue timing and in assortment, so that moments of purchase are distributed over time. An extraordinary service of re-assortments, supplements and replacements makes for a high-performance shop, keeping customer interest very high from pre-collection to sale time.

On the retail level, Pinko has lately been undergoing a deep restructuring phase: no longer several shops in each province but just a few stores that are very prestigious. This change in strategy is very simple to understand: formerly, space was subtracted from multi-brand clients and brand value was also lowered; now any conflicts of interest with clients have been resolved, leaving them room to grow, especially in the provinces. Pinko thus shoulders the costlier running costs of more prestigious locations. In turn, distribution is increasingly selective, theraby making room for wholesale clients and in exchange getting bigger and bigger purchase volumes. De facto creating a solid “win-win” relationship.

Pinko has just moved to its new offices, only steps away from former Headquarters; that have been designed for the comfort of employees and to provide a pleasant environment fostering even greater creativity.

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