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The Police brand was founded as a sunglasses company in 1983.

Over the course of its history and its numerous collections, Police has always known how to transform itself into a “society” icon by introducing captivating new details with every season. Variations on a theme. Like the blue mirrored lenses launched during the 1990s that immediately became a global trend, or the brand name that, from the eagle of its dawn,has recently been transformed into a Gothic P. Police has represented and still represents the world of male and female aesthetics and narcissism, going beyond fashion to establish its own personality. Unique.

An outstanding identity with a positioning that has been consolidated over the years, Police now aims to create an all-around lifestyle through a series of brand extensions that range from perfumes to jewellery, and even to watches, all of which sport the Police designer signature. And so they have the first Police perfumes in 1997.

In 2003, with a unique design and the contemporary and innovative form of its watches, Police declares once again its fashion street vocation, the authentic glamorous nature of its creations. And it confirms its mission: the diffusion of a cosmopolitan lifestyle for trendy, non-conformist, and off-beat individuals who decide to keep their own time with Police Time.

Even the Police jewellery launched in 2005 was striking for its modern form and the creative combinations of materials: coloured silver, shiny and matte steel, crystal, and leather. Bracelets and charms of a Gothic inspiration, the hi-tech interpretation of crucifixes represent the brilliant expression of a conceptual value rather than a stylistic one.

In 2007 the first small leather goods collection was launched.

Police launches its first 2009 Spring/Summer collection: a range of garments imposing their personal style thanks to a strong look designed for a man and a woman with a highly competitive nature. Jackets, field jackets, barracudas hug the body with slim and sinuous fits. Original materials make the garment more aggressive while special dyeing and washings processes grant an unique ‘used-like’ look.

OLICE It is safe to say that this is an all-round lifestyle brand. Now, having enjoyed continuous growth on the Italian market and considerable success on leading European markets, POLICE has decided to trust to the taste and personality of its most loyal customers, and to rely on their ability to stand out as fashion lovers, and not as fashion victims, through their personal and unique lifestyles. It’s also farewell to stereotypes, and conformity with other eyewear brands. POLICE has decided to take a road less travelled, based on the idea of ‘cool hunting’, i.e. identifying “street” personalities rendered ‘younique’ by their striking qualities, passions and occupations, and by an extremely original sense of style

The Look

Metropolitan appeal, midway between the present and the future. POLICE captures the essence of the urban, free and rebellious street spirit, turning shades from a mundane piece of apparel to an expression of self.

Who Wears It

Maldini, Bruce Willis, George Clooney, David Beckham, Antonio Banderas,


Uomo Police (M)
2003 Police Naked Pour Femme (W)
2003 Police Naked Pour Homme (M)
2006 B-Cool (M)
2007 Police Caribbean (W)
2008 Freedom (M)
2008 Wings Pour Homme (M)
2008 Wings Femme (W)
2008 Pure Man (M)
2008 Pure Woman (W)
2009 Pure Police London Homme (M)
2009 Pure Police London Femme (W)
2009 Pure Police Pure DNA Homme (M)
2009 Pure Police Pure DNA Femme (W)
2010 Police Gold Wings (M)
2010 Police Passion (W)
2010 Eyes For You (W)

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