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Patricia Fieldwalker Adagio Silk Lingerie, as the name suggests, is a range of lingerie made in silk. Silk represents the ultimate luxury next to the skin.

Proudly made in Patricia Fieldwalkers’ own factory in beautiful Vancouver, this is a couture collection made by a small team of highly skilled seamstresses whose workmanship meets rivals the best European lingerie. Distribution is carefully controlled to maintain the exclusive cachet that’s so important for a deluxe brand. The collection can be found at special boutiques in London, Paris, Zurich, Spain, Germany and Japan.

The Look

Adagio Silk Lingerie fuses the traditional elegance of Europe with the vigor and energy of North America creating a look that captures the best of both worlds. A contemporary fresh approach that combines the sensuous qualities of lingerie with outerwear silhouettes that reflect the world of fashion.

Who Wears It

Naomi Watts, Julia Roberts, Monica Bellucci, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sharon Stone, Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Christie Turlington, Felicity Huffman

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