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In 1974 Thierry Mugler set up his own fashion label �Thierry Mugler� for men�s and women�s ready-to-wear.

Mugler went on from this point to create a very identifiable style. He designed a new feminine silhouette where shapes and cures are accentuated by the strictness of the cut. For men, Mugler produced a very clear-cut, precise and structured image with a shouldered, slender cut for a classic silhouette.

In 1978 he opened his first boutique in Paris at 10, Place des Victoires, 75002 Paris, France.

In 1983 and 1986 he opened his first exclusive boutiques abroad in Brussels and Geneva.

1984 Thierry Mugler celebrate his 10th anniversary of the creation of the house. So the Autum/Winter 1984-85 collection was presented in a mega-show before 6,000 people at the Zenith in Paris. It was the first fashion show in France ever opened to the general public.

In 1987 Thierry Mugler opened a second Paris boutique at 49, Avenue Montaigne, 75008, Paris, France. This shop later became the first key boutique in the Thierry Mugler universe.

1992 he launched his first fragrance for women: �Angels�. The bottle symbolizes the designer�s imagination, as it is based on a timeless and universal symbol: the star. An original and innovative fragrance which forged a new direction in the world of fragrances; the �goumand�-rientals.

Thierry Mugler presented his first haute couture collection at the Hotel Ritz in July, 1992.

In 1995 an 1996 was a acceleration of exclusive boutique openings worldwide and a third Parisian boutique at 45, Rue du Bac, 75007, Paris, Farnce. This is the first shop to congregate all lines and accessories designed by Thierry Mugler under the same roof.

In 1997 he launched his first men�s fragrance, �A*Men�.

The French couture Syndicate officially invites Thierry Mugler to present a couture collection during the haute couture collections calendar. In addition, Thierry Mugler was invited to sit on the Comite Colbert; thereby joining the top 75 French companies that share the passion for excellence, creativity, and luxury in the production of their merchandise.

After seven years of fruitful partnership, confirmed in the success of the fragrances, the CLARINS Group acquired a larger majority in Thierry Mugler Couture.

The Look

His style is instantly recognizable: structured elegance, accentuated shoulders. Mugler went on from this point to create a very identifiable style. He designed a new feminine silhouette where shapes and curves are accentuated by the strictness of the cut.
"The prophet of Futurism", as he has been referred to, Thierry Mugler is an instinctive designer who never looks for inspiration. According to Thierry Mugler, "intellect is the servant of the spirit." He strongly feels that his clothing is modernistic and not futuristic. Clothes of today should have nothing to do with the past. They should create elegance with simple form and structure and add defined shape to the body, volume, form and simplicity. When one has found a method of self-expression, one evolves with it. His clothing attracts a woman of strength and �lan. Mugler usually designs 2-piece outfits with a jacket feature, full sleeves, masculine cuts, emphasizing the waist and hips to create a perfect body. He often uses solid colours as a sculptor would. He often uses pointed angles on collars, hems, sleeves, waist and hips. He does use a lot of prints but at times uses patches of leather. He uses less of accessories and headgear. He tries to create drama into his clothing but usually the devil features, example gelled hair in the shape of horns. Mugler also designs clothes for men but often uses bright colours for them like orange, yellow, etc. which is unusual for men's clothing. Fabrics: Jersey, vinyl, Lycra, Gingham and Leather are his favourites.

Who Wears It

Naomi Watts, Caroline Trentini,


1992 Angel(W)
1993 A* Men
1997 Angel Celestial Sparkle (W)
1998 Angel Innocent (W)
1998 Angel Innocent (M)
2001 Thierry Mugler Cologne (U)
2002 Angel Fatal Star (W)
2004 B* Men (M)
2005 Alien (W)
2005 Angel Garden Of Stars - Le Lys (W)
2005 Angel Garden Of Stars - Pivoine Angel (W)
2005 Angel Garden Of Stars - Violette Angel (W)
2006 A*Men Summer Flash
2006 Angel Stars (W)
2006 Angel Garden Of Stars - La Rose Angel (W)
2006 Cologne Summer Flash (U)
2006 Innocent Secret (W)
2006 Innocent Summer Flash (W)
2006 Le Parfum (W)
2007 Angel Caprice de Star (W)
2007 Angel Forever (W)
2007 Angel Stars in the Sky (W)
2007 Angel Innocent Illusion (W)
2007 Angel La Part des Anges (W)
2007 Eau de Star (W)
2007 Ice*Men
2008 Innocent Rock (W)
2008 A*Men Pure Coffee
2008 Alien Eau Luminescente (W)
2008 Mirror Mirror Collection - Miroir des Envies (W)
2008 Mirror Mirror Collection - A Travers Le Miroir (W)
2008 Mirror Mirror Collection - Dis Moi, Miroir (W)
2008 Mirror Mirror Collection - Miroir des Secrets (W)
2008 Mirror Mirror Collection - Miroir Des Vanites (M)

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