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Jaime Mascaró


MASCARO was founded in Ferreries ( Menorca) in 1918 as a workshop making handmade ballet slippers. In the 50’ s the second generation of the firm, under the direction of Jaime Mascaro, changed the workshop from producing handmade shoes to a factory of quality designer shoes, thus iniciating a process of expansion which culminated in the opening of various stores of their own in the 80’s. At the end of the 90’s Lina and Ursula Mascaro, already the third generation, took over and consolidated the prestigious “quality and design” as their principal trademarks and expanded to new international markets with a range of own stores which continues to grow.

Today, Mascaro has more than 250 employees, 47 stores of their own across the world and the presence in the main showcases on the 5 continents with their three main trademarks: Jaime Mascaro, Ursula Mascaro and Pretty Ballerinas.

The Mascaro products blend design with handmade craftsmanship, using the most advanced technology in the production. The two trademarks, Jaime Mascaro and Ursula Mascaro offer an extensive range where the client can always find the fitting shoe with the complement for every occasion.

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