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founded by

Ricardo Miguel Udi

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Ricardo Miguel Udi


Confecciones Udy is a Spanish firm based in Madrid which designs, manufactures and sells men’s intimates and homewear. Since its initial focus on boxer shorts, when it started out in Pamplona in the Fifties, the company has continually adapted to a dynamic market in a state of constant flux.

The Udy Collection was created in 1986, when Ricardo Miguel Udi’s company left its original location in favour of the Spanish capital. Ever since, it has been a beacon in its sector, using new trends to make its garments different from the rest.

Udy is aimed at men who appreciate good quality materials and take an interest in fashion.

From the 1990s, the male underwear market underwent a great change and the company developed a new business strategy by creating the Udy collection trademark, based on which is collections were divided into four main lines (sports line, hard line, night line and swim line), in order to offer the market the products it needed at the time.

Udy collections are sold at multi-brand shops and in El Corte Inglés department store in every part of Spain. Abroad it is available in the USA, France, Belgium, the Czech Republic, the island of Reunion, Andorra, Lebanon, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal, the UK, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and the Ukraine.

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