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In 1955 Mary Quant opened her first boutique, BAZAAR in Kings Road, Chelsea (London). A second Bazaar store pens in Knightsbridge, (London ) in 1957.

In 1962 Mary Quant entered the American market with the conclusion of a licensing agreement with J.C.Penny for clothing and underwear design. From this point onward, Mary Quant is inundated with requests from designs in various fields, not only from Britain, but also Europe and the United States.

In 1963 she established GINGER GROUP, launched global-scale production and wholesaling of Mary Quant designed clothing.

In 1966 the MARY QUANT COSMETICS was launched.

In 1970 Mary Quant begun with interior and textile design.

In 1971 the sale of Mary Quant Cosmetics in Japan begun in March.

After some visits to Japan, Mary Quant begun selling of the Mary Quant Collection (leotrads, tight, socks, leg warmers) in Japan.

In 1983 MARY QUANT AT HOME, a grand collection of interior-related designs, was launched in New York.


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