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Maska is an Italian fashion house set up 1967 near Reggio Emilio, Italy

The company specialized in production of coats and jackets, Less that 50 employees, a small collection and a total of 5,000 garments produced: these were Maska's figures in its first year of life. Now the company's employes have become 380 or even 1,200 if one considers the network of subcontractors.

Maska obtained its successes season after season; first through the cooperation with Walter Albini then with Gianni Lotti and in the early 80s with important designers such as Ferre', Gaultier and Moschino.

Alongside with Maska and the company's top collection for classic and elegant women, other trademarks were also developed both in the range of regular and larger sizes. The company now produces four lines: Maska (the company's first line, targeted to a medium-high, classical but modern women's apparel market); M.K. (geared to a young market with exquisite quality at considerable costs); La Cordee (a collection for classic and elegant women, which stresses the femininity of every woman); Blu Rebecca (a collection for women at reasonable costs).

The financial group Fin.part bought Maska in 2000 but sold it later.

Maska has boutiques all over Italy, and 250 retail outlets all over the world, in London, Paris, U.S. and the Far East.

The company shows their ready-to-wear collections every season at Milan. Yugoslavian designer Istvan Francer designed there from 2000 till the AW 2002 collection.

Maska Fashion Shows

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