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Founded in 2004, the Marion Vidal brand has continuously pushed back the barriers of style over the years. In 2009, the Marion Vidal Autumn collection made its mark on the fashion world with a necklace that featured a metallic fan-like motif heavily influenced by Art Deco. In 2010, the company started collaborating with Maia Adams to produce fashion jewellery and creating costume jewellery for Judith Miller.

Today Marion Vidal pieces continue to be coveted and treasured all over the world. Marion hand-makes the sought-after pieces in her Parisian studio. Marion Vidal lines are firm favorites with European retailers. In Paris they are sold at department stores such as Le Bon Marche and Printemps Haussmann and in London the creations are available from the Victoria & Albert museum shop, as well as boutiques like Kabiri and Dover Street Market. Beyond Western Europe, the Marion Vidal brand also has pieces for sale in Turkey’s Harvey Nichols. Marion Vidal pieces are rightfully known as modern classics.

The Look

The brand Marion Vidal is famous for its collections of objects and accessories, which feature necklaces with pearls shaped like groups of plants and ceramic or organic materials shaped like atoms. Many of these necklaces are asymmetrically knotted, intertwined with ribbon and finished with brass hooks. It is this asymmetry, along with the bold colours and shapes that make Marion Vidal pieces unique. Their size and lightness also stand out as unusual, with some of the necklaces boasting over-sized bauble-like components. Each piece seems to tell a dream-like story. The colours used in Marion Vidal collections range from mint green to bright red.
Marion Vidal bracelets are just as striking as the necklaces, with one iconic bracelet from the brand’s collections featuring bold piping and a strong red-orange colour, as well as dramatic, gold-coloured pan flutes.

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