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Mickael Azoulay


It was Mickael Azoulay’s curiosity and instinctiveness that drove him to find style inspiration in streets across the globe. Surrounding himself with a team of talented and ambitious designers he decided to make his impact upon the fashion world by re-inventing the basics. This desire was the driving force behind the launching of his brand American Vintage in 2005. His fresh and innovative approach to making simple yet stylish t-shirts have earned his collections a place in the wardrobes of many women. Despite his use of fashion expertise in his company, Azoulay still runs it as a small family business.

The Look

The authentic simplicity of American Vintage collections is what makes them so popular. The comfortable and smooth fit of the brand’s clothes means they can be worn individually or worn as layers. Comprehensive and trendy, American Vintage lines continuously evolve by using new fabrics and skillful blends of natural fibers. These materials are incredibly touchable and are of the highest quality and softness. The clothing delicately wraps around the body like a glove wraps around the hand. The colours used by American Vintage tend to be richly coloured palettes with original pigmentary tones. To this day, the company, based in the South of France, represents novelty, felinity and comfort.

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