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founded by

Achiel & Nargaretha Van de Velde

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Van de Velde Group


Marie Jo lingerie is the product of a long tradition of superb European quality since 1981. It’s a brand of the Belgian company, Van de Velde which has experience in the fashion lingerie since 1919. Marie Jo lingerie is as close to bespoke as you can get. Each Marie Jo lingerie piece is the result of generations of expertise and design experience.

Marie Jo bras and panties are made of European fabrics and embroideries. Each piece is exquisitely constructed, with delicate components cut and sewn by hand. The design studio tests prototypes of each collection with a panel of consumers until the final product is considered to be both beautiful and comfortable.

Marie Jo bras, panties and thongs will appeal to women seeking absolute comfort combined with feminine and stylish designs, with that special je-ne-sais-quoi of European flair.

The first Maraie Jo Boutique was opened in Chalon sur Saône in 2002.

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