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founded by

Achiel & Nargaretha Van de Velde

belongs to

Van de Velde Group


Marie Jo L’Aventure is the younger sister of Marie Jo. For women who know what they want out of life, the lingerie offers a perfect fit with comfortable fabrics. Supporting the breasts, improving the figures and emphasizing the figures strong points Marie Jo L'Aventure lingerie features something for everyone. Drawing on a wealth of experience in the lingerie industry since 1919 the company focuses on the same goal: making the next collection an uncompromising mix of fashion, quality and comfort. Anticipating fashion trends and themes Marie Jo L'Aventure create lingerie which is unique and on trend. Driven by quality and an eye for detail, Marie Jo L'Aventure is fantastic everyday lingerie for all women with luxurious details for special occasions.

The Look

Marie Jo L'Aventure was came about as a response to a demand for pure minimalist lingerie. Key elements being clean lines, basic colours, a smooth finish and a strong feminine appearance. Simple essential lingerie with a flirty, playful touch - clear lines with personality.

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