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Tom Notte & Bart Vandebosch


LES HOMMES was founded by Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch. Both graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium. The two Belgian designers are very charismatic with a strong personality to match. Before joining the Academy, Bart already had an artistic background. Tom on the other hand first studied Economic Science upon entering university. After a year he began Graphic Design at the Academy and after two years he entered the Fashion Academy. After three months at Olivier Theyskens, Tom decided to work for a commercial brand to get corporate experience. Soon after Bart's graduation the pair chose to combine forces and started the "LES HOMMES" collection.

Tom and Bart discovered a mutual sense of style in particular and aesthetics in general. They share a hunger for beauty, each have their own very different approaches to beauty. It is in fact that their complementary philosophies are the source of LES HOMMES, a collision of contrasting ideas and opinions.

Today LES HOMMES continues to succeed in establishing an international distribution with the men's collection.

Today LES HOMMES is available in more than 100 high-end fashion men stores across the globe. The various stores are of a very high standard profile, which reflects the distribution politics of LES HOMMES. The LES HOMMES men's collection has been successful in drawing the attention of the leading magazines in the world. The LES HOMMES-FEMME collection designed by Tom and Bart is a contemporary, creative line of feminine clothing.

The Look

The general philosophy driving the brand is a unification of opposites. LES HOMMES believes these opposites; these contradictions really start to work as one once brought together. The silhouette of the brand’s clothes is an architectural silhouette which is innovatively brought about by a synthesis of dichotomous lines and forms. On one hand the silhouette is razor-sharp, yet on the other hand elegant, nonchalant and poetic. Reinventing classic women's wear while respecting traditional tailoring principles, the collection LES HOMMES-femme also creates its own signature.

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