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La Fille d’O makes lingerie that skillfully unites the thoughtful with the provocative. Designer Murielle Scherre founded the line in 2003. She set about locally producing her collections in her native Belgium, dressing her friends with her creations and photographing them for lookbooks, sans retouching. To this day, Scherre stays true to this refreshing brand philosophy. New collections of La Fille d’O have always come out on unexpected dates. Murielle Scherre has consistently worked like a true artist, staying loyal to the idea that a collection is done when it’s done and not when fashion season says so.

With its strategically-placed cutouts and innovative patterns, the brand’s collection, which builds upon itself each season, presents the body in often surprising ways. Using exclusively European fabrics, the lingerie is sexy and fashionable yet timeless and feminine. La Fille d’O stays true to the female body by giving her what she deserves. The brand’s belief is ‘Showing off is easy. Covering up is far more intricate.’ Another respectable aspect of La Fille d’O its love for the feminine form in all its perfection and flaws.

The company also creates shoes and understands how important it is that shoes are of the highest quality, as they follow the wearer wherever they go.

La Fille d’O is sold at Maison La Fille d’O in Gent. Other stores that offer the innovative brand are: Underwear (Brussels), Lineos (Amsterdam), Noctural Designs (Sydney), Zouzou (Rome), MOS (Maastricht), Little Flirt (Manly), Zardonni (Amsterdam), Margreet Olsthoorn (Rotterdam), Sinns (Antwerp) and Stout (Amsterdam).

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