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Kenzo Takada


Since its first, quasi-confidential collection in April 1970, the Kenzo fashion label, alchemy of the Orient and the West, has been a veritable firework of colors and materials.

Kenzo Takada - the label's creator and inventor of new techniques such as cut knit - was the first to introduce the concept of volume and freedom of movement into clothing. Before leaving the House in 1999, he has inspired the creation teams with these amazing associations of colours, materials and prints that convey Kenzo’s values: freedom, cheerfulness and generosity.

Joining LVMH in 1993, Kenzo has had a remarkable development. Now present in 270 outlets Kenzo designs include women, men and children's ready-to-wear, active sportswear, fashion accessories, fine leather goods, perfume, and home decoration.

The arrival of Antonio Marras as artistic director of the Women universe last September will facilitate the renaissance of Kenzo and will accelerate further development.

Very much in the spirit of Kenzo, Antonio Marras portrays a world both rich and poetic, mixing influences and forging links between the world of fashion and other forms of artistic expression.

Inspired by the workshop, using cultural symbolism, Antonio Marras invents his own contemporary language, creates stunning clothes, each with their own story, imbuing women with freedom, authenticity and originality. He unveiled his first collection for Kenzo in March 2004.

The Look

His motifs are flowers and leaves, even his perfume bottle is a leaf. He likes animal prints, tartans and daring colour combinations. His predilection is for simplified child-like shapes like pullover vests, knee length shorts, mini coats, sweater dresses, made fresh by such foreign nuances as Kimono sleeves (unusual in knitted clothing) and oversized berets. He follows the principle of flat patterns like used for kimonos. He widens armholes and modifies shoulders. He is influenced by folk costumes and interprets varied dress such as Spanish boleros, Austrian loden jackets, Indian trousers, Chinese tunics, Bedouin blankets and Breton aprons.


1988 Kenzo Parfum (W)
1989 Ca Sent "Beau"
1991 Kenzo Pour Homme
1992 Parfum d'Ete
1993 Kashaya de Kenzo (W)
1994 Inro (W)
1996 Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant (W)
1996 L'Eau par Kenzo (W)
King Kong (launch date unknown)
Lait parfum pour le Corps (date unknown)
1997 Jungle Le Tigre (W)
1997 Kenzo Le Monde Est Beau (W)
1998 Jungle Zebre pour homme
1998 Kenzo Jungle Homme (M)
1999 L'Eau par Kenzo (M)
1999 Time for Peace (W)
1999 Time for Peace (M)
2000 Flower by Kenzo(W)
2001 Kenzo ki Energisant (Feuille Bambon)(W)
2001 Kenzo ki Euphorisant (Fleur de Gingembre)(W)
2001 Kenzo ki Relaxant (Lotus Blanc)(W)
2001 Kenzo ki Sensuel (Vapeur de Riz)(W)
2002 Parfum d'Ete, 2nd Edition (W)
2002 Kenzo pour Homme Fraiche (M)
2003 Kenzo Air(M)
2003 Flower by Kenzo Le Parfum (W)
2004 Summer (W)
2004 Flower by Kenzo Limited Edition 2004 (W)
2005 Flower by Kenzo Orijental (W)
2005 Kenzo Air Intense (M)
2005 Summer by Kenzo (W)
2006 Flower Edition d`Artistes (W)
2006 Flower Summer Fragrance 2006 (W)
2006 Kenzo Amour (W)
2006 Kenzo Homme Fresh
2006 KenzoKi Bamboo Leaf (Energizing) (W)
2006 KenzoKi Ginger Flower (Euphoric) (W)
2006 KenzoKi Rice Steam (Sensual) (W)
2006 KenzoKi White Lotus (Relaxing) (W)
2006 L`Eau par Kenzo Love L`Eau (W)
2006 L`Eau par Kenzo Love L`Eau pour Homme
2007 Tokyo by Kenzo (M)
2008 7:15 am in Bali (W)
2008 Flower by Kenzo Orijental (W)
2008 Kenzo Amour Indian Holi (W)
2008 Kenzo Power (M)
2008 Kenzo Vintage Edition (W)
2008 L`Eau Par Kenzo ICE (W)
2008 L`Eau Par Kenzo ICE Pour Homme

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