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Iceberg was set up in Italy in 1962 by Silvio and Giuliana Gerani. It is part of the Italian Gilmar group.

1974 Fashion hailed novelty and immediately yielded to it when Giuliana Marchini launched the project ICEBERG, the first range ever to propose the idea of fashionable sportswear. This knitwear project broke away from the patterns of the time. They started with men�s wear. Knitwear revealed its many facets, it could even became a coat, with unusual colours, new manufacturing techniques, new material and Andy Warhol�s Pop Art on knitted garments.

In 1976 ICEBERG launched its first collection for women.

ICEBERG strengthened its distribution in Japan by signing an important collaboration agreement with the Japanese multinational Toyota in 1987.

Two years later ICEBERG inaugurated its first boutique in Milan, in No. 10, via Montenapoleone and opened a new showroom in No. 21, via S. Andrea.

In 1991 ICEBERG opened a new showroom in New York.

In 1992 the new leatherwear line was conceived, entirely self-produced and the first of a wide range of accessories signed ICEBERG.

The creation of ICEBERG Jeans for men and women was marked in 1995, today called ICE JEANS ICEBERG.

ICEBERG�s first fashion show Autumn/Winter 1995-96 Collection for women was held in Milan. Furthermore in this year the first ICEBERG eyewear collection was launched in the market.

ICEBERG�s first fashion show Spring/Summer 1998 Collection for men was held.

In 2000 Paolo Gerani was appointed creative director of ICEBERG.

A new license agreement � the new collection ICEBERG for children was launched from autumn/winter 2003/04. Initially they made knitwear and then branched out into garments.

The Gilmar Group�s founders are Giuliana Marchini, the creative person in the family, and her husband Silvano Gerani, the manager. Their winning decisions and enthusiasm have given the former small knitwear manufacturing firm the size and importance it enjoys today. Giulianan Marchini was the only woman to be knighted for �services to industry� by the President of the Italian Republic in 1994. She was the 14th woman ever to receive the honour in the history of the Republic.

Silvano Gerani, the Group�s chairman, is the company�s organizational mind. His great pride is the establishment in San Giovanni in Margnano, along with the satisfaction of a company continuously growing over forth years.

Paolo Gernai is the Gilmar Group�s deputy-chairman but he is also the creative director of Iceberg, the company�s leading designer label. Paolo crated the last advertising campaigns with him, its ideal interpreter.

Patricia Gerani is the Gerani line�s creative director.

Iceberg showrooms are present in Milan, Rome, New York, Paris, London, D�sseldorf and Antwerp. Gerani�s showrooms are in Milasn and Rome.

The Look

Iceberg evergreens revisited in a modern and �urban� key offer a sporty look that enjoys toying with myths from the imaginary world of cartoons, embroidery and prints that make every item of clothing a unique piece. This international label has made its way into young hip-hop communities and has tread the boards with the most acclaimed stars. Iceberg pop is increasingly pop with its unmistakable style.

Who Wears It

Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Mischa Barton, David Beckham, Teri Hatcher,


1989 Iceberg (W)
1991 Iceberg (M)
1994 Twice (W)
1995 Twice (M)
1997 Universe Femme
1997 Universe Homme
1998 Twice Ice (W)
1998 Gerani (W)
2000 Gerani (M)
2000 Fluid Iceberg (W)
2000 Fluid Iceberg (M)
2001 Effusion (W)
2001 Effusion (M)
2004 Light Fluid Iceberg (W)
2004 Light Fluid Iceberg (M)
2008 The Iceberg Fragrance (W)
2009 The Iceberg Fragrance (M)

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