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Tommy Hilfiger


The launch of KARL LAGERFELD and LAGERFELD COLLECTION marks a watershed moment in fashion. It is the first time Karl Lagerfeld is designing a New York-based label and it is his first foray into menswear in the United States. The concept of mixing collections on the runway is a modern way of showing clothes that mirrors the way people dress today.

KARL LAGERFELD is a streetwise collection for men and women that exudes the energy of New York City. It is an accessibly priced line with high-end design sensibility. The clothes are effortless and versatile. The Fall 2006 KARL LAGERFELD line marks a return to tailoring, with innovative details and a play on volume and proportion. The draping of scarves is a main motif, which occurs throughout the collection, from dresses to t-shirts to coats. The silhouettes go from skinny to wide, creating new and modern shapes. Subtle patchworks generate rich and innovative textures. The colors are brown with grey and black, setting an urban and contemporary tone.

LAGERFELD COLLECTION is the evolution of Lagerfeld Gallery, Karl Lagerfelds Parisian collection. The Fall 2006 LAGERFELD COLLECTION emphasizes refined tailoring and intricately crafted details. Both KARL LAGERFELD and LAGERFELD COLLECTION share the draping of scarves as a common inspiration. Both collections mixed together emphasize the contemporary tone of KARL LAGERFELD and the directional design and urban aesthetic of LAGERFELD COLLECTION.

The Look

Lagerfeld is known for his versatility and for expertly juggling his roles in various labels. In 2000, his use of gold, animal skin, and fur had PETA up in arms—while first-class shoppers clawed for his latest flashy collection. These days, he's gone the Isaac Mizrahi route, striking a deal with trendy, budget-conscious H&M to design 30 pieces for the fall/winter 2004 collection.

Who Wears It

Mischa Barton, Nicole Kidman, Vanessa Paradis, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Kylie Minogue,


1975 Lagerfeld Parfum (M)
1978 Lagerfeld Classic (M)
1982 Karl Lagerfeld (W)
1983 Karl Lagerfeld (M)
1983 KL (W)
1985 KL Homme Eau de toilette
1990 Photo (M)
1994 Sun Moon Stars (W)
1998 Jako (for men)
2000 Lagerfeld pour Femme
2001 Lagerfeld pour homme
2003 Lagerfeld Man (M)
2004 Liquid Karl (U)
2008 Kapsule Floriental (U)
2008 Kapsule Light (U)
2008 Kapsule Woody (U)

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