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Le Tigre


Le Tigre is an American brand of apparel designed to rival Lacoste in styling. First offered in 1977, Le Tigre polos sported a leaping tiger in lieu of Lacoste's signature crocodile. Le Tigre has been around for almost thirty years, but by the mid nineties, the brand had ceased to have its own design team, surviving on licensing alone. In 2006, Le Tigre hired Jenny La Fata as the Creative Director of both Mens and Women's Designs. Whereupon she invited Diana Spektor to join “Le Tigre” as Senior Designer. Within five months of joining Le Tigre, they had put together a first rate design team and established Le Tigre as one of the leading contemporary fashion brands. Their success was confirmed when Le Tigre was featured on the cover of Women's Wear Daily on August 17, 2006. As part of revitalizing Le Tigre, Jenny and Diana helped lead the development of both the men's and women's lines - fundamentally changing the brand's identity from polo shirts to a complete collection of various apparel. However, recently Le Tigre's U.S. online website was replaced with a redirect to the Kenneth Cole site.

In 2007, the brand was acquired by Kenneth Cole.

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