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Thomas Gundorph


Junk de Luxe was established in Denmark in 1986. The founder, Thomas Gundorph, pioneered the import of original second hand jeans from the US. He redesigned them as well as other second hand garments � and in 1992 the first Junk de Luxe collection hit the shelves. Since then Junk de Luxe has been a leading designer brand all over Europe.

Today, Junk de Luxe men�s designer clothing is sold in 25 countries with 4 collections offered each year.

The Look

Contradiction is inherent and symbolic to Junk de Luxe name, an ambiguity that has always been at the core of the brand identity. Junk de Luxe bring you street fashion with a hint of Savile Row tradition � and on top of that a dash of Rock�n Roll. Clean cut, authentic, and always of high quality, Junk de Luxe marries contrasting designs, fabrics, prints, and colours, and brings this experience to their customers in every detail.
Each garment is designed to stand on its own as a unique piece, rather than being designed according to trends or fashion clich�s. The brand is firmly rooted in fashion history�s great classics. The art of combination, and not least of inspiring both the young, fashion conscious lad and the young urban gentleman, shows the wide scope of the brand.

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