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JO NO FUI debuted with its first collection in 2001, a total woman look featuring a distinctly sartorial style that transmitted sensual femininity.

The personal contacts that Alessia Giacobino was able to create with owners of the most important boutiques ensured that distribution grew rapidly, and in 2003 she founded Newport srl, the company that produces and distributes her brand. In the same year, JO NO FUI opened a showroom in the heart of

Brera, just a few steps away from Milan�s major fashion district.

In September 2006 the Italian Chamber of Fashion enthusiastically accepted Alessia�s request for a showing, and JO NO FUI�s presentation of its Spring-Summer 2007 collection was included in the Milano Moda Donna calendar. Since then JO NO FUI appears with two main collections and two show collections every year, premiere presentations exploring new functions of fashion for an up-to-date style in constant evolution.

Together with culture and creativity, Alessia Giacobino�s passion for travel continues to feature prominently in her career as a designer, with experiences that have allowed her aesthetic instincts to progress even further to define the deep and decisive hallmarks of her style, focusing on a refined and avant-garde communication strategy that merges multimediality and interactiveness in a website with a modern form and advanced contents. A virtual look book, social networks, a highly active Facebook page and even a JO NO FUI blog help visitors to access special events and to take an active part in the creative processes behind products, in a continuous and reciprocal exchange of stimuli and influences.

By 2003, the rapid growth of the Jo No Fui brand on the Italian and international fashion scene mede it necessary to open a more permanent interface with the market, capable of fully communicating and emphasizing the subtle glam-snob philosophy of Jo No Fui. In the town center of Brera, the pulsing heart of Milan, the capital of the fashion system, the perfect place to observe its trends and capture its moods.

The Look

JO NO FUI offers a total glam-snob look that exalts a sensual and resolute femininity. Lines and geometries emphasize a superb contemporary
elegance that magically blends fine tailoring skills with audacious volumes and architectures.

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