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founded by

Mauricio Modica & Pierfrancesco Gigliotti

belongs to

Gilmar Group


Frankie Morello is a trendy and casual Italian clothesline. Founded more than 10 years ago, it originally specialised in sportswear. The brand is part of the Italian Gilmar group, which also owns Iceberg.

The Frankie Morello line was established in 1998 by Mauricio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti, within the Gilmar Group, designing high-fashion sports wear. With the development of a collection for men, their line naturally expanded to street-wear, which now constitutes the majority of the label�s sales. Frankie Morello also has range for women and is especially known for its sunglasses, which are popular with the young and trendy.

Frankie Morello designs clothes for people with a passion for art. Sold in the finest boutiques and appearing in prestigious publications around the world, Frankie Morello is also a favourite of many celebrities.

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