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Janet & Janet is an Italian shoe brand and it is the fruit of the creativity and experience of A & G Calzaturificio. The company�s roots are burrowed deep within Serra d� Conti, among the hills of the hinterland of Ancona. Since 1967, A & G has been a point of reference in the shoemaking world, carefully mirroring the evolution of the market and changing tastes with great care and attention, while also renewing itself at the same pace.

Currently, A & G Calzaturificio boasts 100 employees and a market that stretches from Europe to the United States, by way of the Far East and exports are equal to 35% of its turnover.

Its constant growth has brought it to its current production levels of approximately 400,000 pairs of shoes per year. Most are made by the company itself, with the aid of special production lines installed in its 5,000 m� plant. Its design and industrialisation departments (cutting, hemming, assembly and finishes) are found at the same plant, as are its warehouses, where the company stores its raw materials, semi-finished and finished products. Furthermore, the company�s support and service offices are also found in the same location.

The breakthrough came in 1991, when it shifted its production to retail, expanding both its quantity and size. The lucrative industrial shoemaking sector of Marche is the ideal setting for corporate growth at a progressively accelerated speed. The company has targeted ever more select shops - marked by a careful product selection that combines glamour with practicality and accessibility � both in Italy and abroad. The winning formula: models, structures, materials and details that can catch even the most discerning eye and build a loyal following among an elegant, demanding clientele. With the support of a careful communication campaign, Janet & Janet and Janet Sport are increasingly recognised and appreciated as a brand that reflects the image of the new, modern, fashionable and dynamic, woman with the passing of each season.

The Look

Janet & Janet is easy glamour. It adds a touch of style to everyday life as well as being the perfect way to feel feminine and attractive at every occasion - from a work meeting to a trendy night out on the town. Women have started talking about a Janet & Janet addiction. That is, the need to always wear a pair of shoes that makes them feel unique!

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