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Jacob Coh�n is a brand that has existed since 1985, founded in Pontelongo, near Padua, by Tato Bardelle. But it was Tato's son Nicola, born in 1967, who gave the marque a totally new look in 2003. The concept was simple: luxury jeans. He removed all reference from the workgear concept and created lifestyle garments bearing all the connotations of luxury: handmade, perfect fit, superb materials, glorious finish.

Looking at an array of Jacob Coh�n products is a feast for the eyes. The brand labels are in pony skin, featuring the stylized J, sometimes a metal appliqu�. Even buttons are superbly sculpted, miniature works of art, often in valuable materials such as palladium, silver-plate and carbon fibre. One of the House specialities is a small flower embroidered onto the back pocket. Even the card labels tucked into the new trouser pockets are embroidered, with coloured ribbons indicating product name or characteristics. The labels inside the jeans are fascinating, with care instructions in a sort of hand-written print, and another label that provides a clue to the marque's approach: "Made in Veneto." In other words, no outsourcing. All production processes are performed not just in Italy, but at a local level, the north Italian region of Veneto. A true expression of local luxury.

Local luxury that is quickly going global. In the space of just a few years, the brand has registered a success that reassures management of the value of the concept. Over 250,000 garments for the Spring-Summer 2009 collection were sold, and estimates for 2010 are for a 30% increase, for total sales of about 40 million euro. The company makes 65% of its revenue in Italy, while the most important markets abroad are Japan, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Spain. Distribution is set to be launched in ex-USSR countries, the United States, Canada, Scandinavia and China.

In Italy the jeans are sold in more than 400 selected boutiques. The average price for a pair of jeans is 300 euro.

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