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It all began in 1962 when Alpargatas, one of the most important Brazilian footwear companies, concluded that the zori sandal could be successful in Brazil.

Havaianas were inspired by the Zori, the traditional Japanese sandal made with rice-straw. That�s why they have light-colored insoles, dark straps and a texture resembling grains of rice. Essentially, Havaianas are a tribute to these age-old Japanese sandals.

The name comes from Hawaii. The spirit and lifestyle of those islands are embodied by this simple, comfortable and hip jandal.

Barely one year after the launch, the brand had already sold more than a thousand pairs per day.

But it was in the 90s that Havaianas started really flying off the shelves to become a part of Brazilian culture forever. Suddenly, everybody started flipping the soles over, so the dark side would face upward. This became a huge fad in Brazil and inspired Alpargatas to launch Havaianas Top, featuring a wide range of vibrant new colors in1994. Initially there were 8 different shades coloring the feet of Brazilians, nowadays the Havaianas Top rainbow features 20 different colors.By then, you couldn�t find a person in Brazil who didn�t wear Havaianas. They were so essential they became a staple item and even an index for measuring inflation rates.

Since the end of the 80's, Havaianas hasn't stopped creating fashion trends. New prints, colors and models � even for those who have just learned how to walk, such as Havaianas Baby!

A new Havaianas model was created specially for the World Cup in 1998, featuring a small Brazilian flag on the strap. This model soon became an object of desire abroad and it also became the Brazilians' pride.

Since 2000 Havaianas spreads like wildfire abroad, from Hawaii to Australia, France and many other countries. Foreigners buy them where they can to take them home. The sandals were featured in articles in important magazines and newspapers worldwide as well as in some of the hippest shopping windows on the planet. Presently, they can be found in more than 60 countries.

Since 2003, Havaianas has been a part of the Oscars, and exclusive models are given to the nominees every year.

In 2004, a special edition was created in a partnership with jeweler H.Stern, featuring an 18 karat gold finish and encrusted with diamonds. A pair of sandals that is a jewel.

Havaianas Slim was created to please women even more in 2006. The slimmer, more delicate straps became the talk of the town and have become a brand icon.

A symbol of Brazilians' high spirits everywhere, Havaianas sets foot in the USA for good in 2007. It is the beginning of the brand's international expansion's second stage.

Continuing to grow rapidly abroad, Havaianas establishes a presence in Europe in 2008. The chosen spot to house the brand and a team of several different nationalities was Madrid.

The year 2009 starts with a big brand event, the opening of Espa�o Havaianas in Sao Paulo. A store that offers everything Havaianas aficionados have alwys dreamed of: a complete line of sandals, exclusive products designed only for the international market, customization and new products.

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