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Herv� van der Straeten

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Herv� van der Straeten


Herv� van der Straeten launched his own brand in 1999.

The Van der Straeten company started as jewelry brand and then specialized in the manufacture of bronze pieces of furniture and objects.

This bronze workshop manufactures furniture, lamps and mirrors. It proposes exclusively very upmarket items of furniture, principally unique pieces, as well as customized pieces for interior decorators. The pieces designed by Van Der Straeten are presented annually at an exhibition organised in the Van Der Straeten gallery, located in the centre of the Marais district in Paris. Some picces are exhibited in other French and foreign galleries, including New York in recent years.

Quality is van der Straeten�s top priority; this is why he has everything built by the industry�s finest. The bronze work is very time-consuming, and he can only produce around 30 pieces a year. The majority of these pieces are sold as exclusive limited objects.

The Look

The work of Herv� van der Straeten is characterised by its intensity, eclecticism & bold shapes ranging from jewellery to design to cosmetics and furniture. Each expresses a multi-facetted personality, capable of reconciling reality and fantasy, sobriety and panache.

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