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founded by

Donald G. Fisher and Doris F. Fisher

belongs to

Gap Inc.


Following the opening of the first Gap store in San Francisco by Don and Doris Fisher in 1969, Gap has become one of the world's largest specialty retailers, with more than 1.500 stores worldwide.

Today, Gap continues to be the best destination for wardrobe essentials such as T-shirts, hoodies, great-fitting pants and denim. What began as one brand has grown to include Gap, GapKids, babyGap, GapMaternity and gapbody.

Gap has become a cultural icon by offering clothing and accessories rooted in cool, confident and casual style to customers around the world.

The Look

Gap offers iconic American style to customers of all ages.


1994 Heaven (W)
1995 Dream (W)
Dream More (W)
1997 Gap Blue No.655 (W)
1997 Gap Blue No.655 (M)
2001 G Him (M)
2001 So Pink (W)
2007 Coconut Tuberose No. 821 (W)
2007 G7 Bold (M)
2007 G7 Mixed (M)
2007 G7 Spiked (M)
2007 Lavander Tea No.362 (W)
2007 Mandarin Jasmine No.094 (W)
2007 Velvet Bloom No.695 (W)
2007 Washed Cotton No.784 (W)
2007 White Amber No. 541 (W)
2007 The Lover (U)
2007 The Natural (U)
2007 The original (U)
2007 The Visionary (U)
2009 Close (W)
2010 Core (M)
2010 Stay (W)

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