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founded by

Aldo and Margherita Fulanetto

belongs to

Giovanna, Carlo and Paolo Fulanetto


In 1927 the history of the Furla family firm was beginning in the erudite and sophisticated city of Bologna. Protagonists Aldo and Margherita Fulanetto set themselves the challenge of starting a company � one which was eventually to grow into a world-renowned leather goods brand. It was the post-war period and the firm aimed to provide women with any type of leather object or accessory they might desire. It was an adventure, first commercial then industrial, which was inextricably linked to the lifestyle of the times, following the rhythms and evolution of society into the economic boom and narrating the story of its customs through Furla�s own products.

In 1955 Aldo opened the first Furla store on Via Ugo Bassi in the heart of Bologna, selling leather bags and accessories. In the 1970s, when the baton was passed on to his children Giovanna, Carlo and Paolo Furlanetto, the first collection of bags carrying the Furla logo was launched. With their avant-garde stylistic choices, they introduced unusual production methods and the use of atypical materials such as nylon and rubber. The success was immediate. It was a decisive change of vision and strategy that met the needs of a new society with strong, independent, emancipated women who paid attention to emerging fashions.

The collections grew at the same pace as the company. With the 1980s just around the corner, Giovanna flanked her father making her own stylistic contributions, while Carlo and Paolo were mostly in charge of the brand�s strategy for growth. Furla invented a new concept of luxury which was close to every woman and immediately became an international �must.� High quality, sober lines and functionality were the distinguishing features of the bags in their collections.

After Bologna, Rome and Paris, the boutique on Madison Avenue in New York was opened. A far-sighted distribution network was in the planning stages, which would in the future cover no less than 65 foreign markets, from Europe to Asia and the United States.

By the end of 2008, 296 single-brand Furla stores have been established, positioned on the most important international shopping streets, and more than a thousand sales outlets from shops to department stores. It is nonetheless a success achieved with respect for the great tradition of Italian craftsmanship, which remains the necessary prerequisite of every decision. The company headquarters are in Bologna and everyday the Furlanetto family passionately pursues each single detail, always keeping an open mind and preparing for a rapid future progress.

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