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Founded in the early 2000s by Deborah Sim, the British �Frankly Darling� lingerie label has established itself as one of the most distinguished lingerie brands in UK and also throughout the world. Guided by the creative mind of a London based designer Debbie Sim, Frankly Darling continues to remain a fine designer lingerie and loungewear brand. When Debbie Sim started her label, her goal was to design lingie that would be British and glamorous without being unorigianl or pretentious.

While Frankly Darling brand has a great potential of driving the next wave of British lingerie, Frankly Darling brand is still in process of developing its business operations, which explains the fact that there is currently no corporate website of the Frankly Darling Lingerie. Frankly Darling styles are abundant in a rich selection of the very finest fabrics, featuring various types of satins and lace � all perfectly working together in creating the most unique glamorous and romantic look with sprinkles of flirt here and there.

The Look

Unlike any other brand, Frankly Darling designs are very light, feminine and delicately sexy, with lingerie collections ranging from the most innocent chic to a sweeping dash of classy sophistication. The Frankly Darling concept is to introduce a distinguished British inspired lingerie brand to women all over the world by avoiding the stereotypes that are so ofter associated with lingerie brands and at the same time incorporating the freedom of expression, with the end result being a uniquely glamorous lingerie at very affordable prices that we all can enjoy.

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