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Wolfgang and Margaretha Ley

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Escada Group


ESCADA AG (Escada) is Germany's leading luxury fashion brand and a leading player in the global luxury clothing market. Based in Aschheim, Germany, Escada has scaled down its range of brands into the mid-2000s to focus especially on its core, high-end Escada Collection, including the Escada haute couture line. The Escada brand also includes a line of sportswear under the Escada Sport label, and a range of Escada Accessories, manufactured by the company itself. In addition, Escada licenses its brand for a number of items, including eyewear, perfumes, ties and scarves, as well as a beauty care collection produced by Wella, and a line of jewelry. As part of its repositioning, Escada has sold or spun off most of its former brands, including BiBa, cavita, and its mid-range Laurel brand, which were placed under a new vehicle, Primera Group. In addition to designing and producing clothing, Escada operates a 400-store international retail network, with stores in most of the world's main fashion markets. The Escada line remains the group's strongest, at 66 percent of sales. Most of Escada's fashions, especially its high-end and haute couture designs, are produced in its factories in Germany. The company also sources some 25 percent of its production from Italy, and from a company-owned facility in Portugal. Germany accounts for 27 percent of the company's sales, which topped EUR 625 million in the company's 2003-04 fiscal year. The rest of Europe accounts for more than 28 percent of sales, while the North American markets add about 21 percent to sales. Escada has been targeting growth in the Asian markets, which accounted for just 14.5 percent of sales in 2004. Company founder Wolfgang Ley remains its CEO. Escada has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 1986.

Who Wears It

Katherine Heigl, Christy Turlington, Franziska Knuppe, Naomie Harris, Tina Bordihn, Nadeshda Brennicke, catherine Zeta-Jones, Anna Netrebko, Jessica Alba, Diane Kruger, Angelina Jolie, Dennensch Zoudé, Carrie Underwood, Juliane Köhler, Geena Davis, Lucy Liu, Vanessa Williams,


1990 Escada (W) reissued 2005
1990 Escada Margaretha Ley (W)
1993 Escada (M)
1993 Margaretha (W)
1993 Chiffon Sorbet (W)
1994 Summer in Provence (W)
1995 Ocean Blue (W)
1995 Escada Acte 2
1995 Escada Blue Romance
1996 Escada Acte 3
1996 Jardin de Soleil
1996 Escada Sport
1996 Escada Sport Weekend
1996 Escada Sport Feeling Free
1996 Escada Sport Country
1996 Escada Sport Spirit (W)
1997 Que Viva (W)
1997 Collection (W)
1997 Silver Light (M)
1997 En Fleurs (W)
1998 Sunny Fruiti
1999 Casual Friday (M)
1999 Tender Light (W)
1999 Golden Edition (W)
1999 Loving bouquet (W)
2000 Lily Chic (W)
2000 Sentiment (W)
2001 Tropical Punch (W)
2001 Escada Collection 2001 (W)
2002 Escada Collection Edition (W)
2002 Sexy Graffiti (W)
2002 Sentiment (M)
2003 Ibiza Hippie (W)
2003 Magnetism (W)
2003 Magnetic Beat (W)
2004 Island Kiss (W)
2004 Rocking Rio (W)
2004 Escada Magnetism for Men
2005 Escada (W)
2005 Escada Paradise (W)
2005 Rockin' Rio (W)
2004 Escada Pacific Paradise (W)
2006 Escada Sunset Heat (W)
2006 Into the blue (W)
2007 Escada Moon Sparkle (W)
2007 Escada Moon Sparkle pour Homme
2007 Escada S (W)
2007 Sunset Heat for Men
2008 Incredible Me (W)
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