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Diego Dolcini brand was born in Italy in 1994 and debuted in Paris. Since 1997 the brand has had its atelier in the heart of Bologna, in the 5th century Palazzo Bocchi. In October 2008 the studio moved into a wide Loft in the outskirts of Bologna, where the designer was able to express his creativity even under the architectural profile. The stylist projects and commercializes his collections with the skillful aid of a young and dynamic staff. In April 2008 it opens his first flagship shop, the boutique Diego Dolcini, in the heart of Milan�s premiere shopping area with the collaboration of the artist Martino Gamper. He created an original space, which captures the attention of artists and architects.

The first Diego Dolcini collection has developped during a period of intense stylistic growth within some of Italy�s most prestigious shoe manufactures. During those years the designer had the chance to greater learn the major production matters and was able to deal with them in a new and original way, joining them with a spontaneous and audacious creativity: from a set of star items, with high feminine heels, to more formal creations, with lower heels.

With the FW 09 / 10 collection, for the first time Diego Dolcini presents a small collection of bags.

The brand Diego Dolcini featured an interesting co-branding project with the famous make-up maison Helena Rubinstein, focused on the synergy between the image of the product, promoted by the exceptional testimonial Demi Moore and �Feline�, the shoe conceived by the stylist especially for this occasion.

To conjugate the technological innovation of the productivity process with the tradition and the wisdom of handmade work, Diego Dolcini has selected over the years, some of the best hand-crafted producers grown in the best area for the Made in Italy shoe production.

Since his debut, the shoes created by Diego Dolcini have been distinguished as products destined to a selected clientele of refined women, eager for fashion trends, but able to live them with confidence and originality. Elegance, femininity and luxury are the key traits of Diego Dolcini shoes.

The Look

Diego Dolcini shoes represent dreams and emotions, ideal completion of the feminine beauty.

Who Wears It

Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Sophie Marceau, Salma Hayek. Madonna

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