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founded by

Dilara Akay, Ece Ege, Ayse Ege and A. Akay

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Dice Kayek


Dice Kayek is one of the most known fashion brands of Turkey, established in 1991 by Dilara Akay, Ece Ege, Ayse Ege and A. Akay. The brand was very popular with White Shirt Collections in Europe and Japan.

Her first collection was showcased in 1991, and in 1992, she released the first pr�t-�-porter collection for the signature label.

In addition to the main label, the fashion house launched in 1994 label called "Dice", which was renamed in 2003 as "Dice Kayek Pink Label".

The Look

The brand has been described as many as a mixture of tradition and modernity.
The Dice Kayek woman of the new generation is feminine, poised, and sleek. She stands tall and proud to be a woman emerging in today�s modernized social scene.

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