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Two friends, designer/President Diego Binetti and Vice President Ada Lee institutionalized the Binetti brand in August 2001.

Immediately the planned launch of Spring/Summer 02 was set for Fall 02 in the Puck Building as a part of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Binetti awed the audience and critics who labeled him as the �one to watch�. Surpassing all expectations, Binetti came back with his Spring/Summer 03 collection followed by Fall/Winter 03. Fall/Winter 04 followed suit and was displayed in collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti. The presentation of Fall 05 was dubbed �The talk of the town�, by WWD. The Spring/Summer 06 collection received hich praises form WWD. Fall/Winter 07 collection �La Revolution Blue� presents inflated torsos suspended in the air at ARTSEE on February 4th, 2007. Fashion Week in Miami Binetti Fall/Winter 07 was sponsored by PERONI on March 23rd, 2007.

Binetti has experienced a tremendous amount of success during the course of the growing business. For the past two years Binetti has showcased his collection in Paris, and as well in London. Globally, Binetti�s agents in London, Japan and the United States are representing his work for sales, marketing, and press internationally. His international exposure and growth was recognized by publisher teNeues in 2007.

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Binetti is known for its innovative, thought provoking designs.

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