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SINV SpA and Yohji Yamamoto

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SINV SpA and Yohji Yamamoto


Coming Soon is �a new brand created for a generation of men and women who wear what they want without stating who designed it. �

Launching for fall/winter 2008 is a brand new, confusingly named line from the vast world of legendary Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto. Coming Soon, which has no official mention of Yohji Yamamoto in branding, can be thought of as a casual or more youthful alternative to the Yohji Yamamoto mainline, or even to his already casual Y's. The collection includes coats, jackets, suiting, pants, footwear, and various other accessories -- for both men and women.

The Look

The signature Yohji look is definitely still there with cool baggy cuts, dropped shoulders, and looser bottoms, but the styling has been tweaked just enough to help the clothes better work with other brands.

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