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M. Gamichon, Maurice Kretz, Jean Kretz, Claude Kretz

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Chantelle Group


Chantelle�s origin dates back to 18767 when Mr. Gamichon made the first stretchable knits in his Romilly factory (Aube, Farnce). Although the use of spandex had not yet been revolutionized, it was Mr. Gamichon�s first technical innovations that improved the fabrics� elasticity in women�s lingerie. He quickly joined forces with his nephew, the first representative of the Kretz family, which manages the family business turned international group to this day.

In 1902, the company started its corset-making activity and revolutionized the market with designs made from elastic fabric, the company�s name was changed to Chantelle in 1949, when it established itself as a reference brand of body-shaping undergarments with the historical slogan �Chantelle, the girdle that does not creep�. The first bras were produced in 1961 and in 1962 Chantelle opened its first international subsidiary in Germany. This marked the beginning of a great complicity with women all over the world. Innovation and success followed.

In 1970, the F�te model became a significant event of its times, selling at over one million units per year. In 1972, the first molded bra was launched under the name of D�fi.

In 1982, Les Ch�ris brought the promise of new seduction and in 1986, Vertige met with resounding success. In 1993, Chantelle set up business in the US and became ambassador of French elegance, which holds such tremendous power of seduction over American women. Since then, the Chantelle group has continued its expansion throughout the world, bringing multiple innovations and creating successful products including Senso, Hedona, Chantilly and Africa. The number one French lingerie company on the international market, Chantelle has become an expert in women�s intimate apparel and figure enhancement. In order to celebrate its success, Chantelle has expanded its product universe in 2007, making front-page news by opening its first �Chantelle Paris �boutiques, based on a highly innovative concept.

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