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In 2004 Brooks Brothers introduced its �Country Club� label in its stores. The collection of resort sportswear did so well that Brooks Brothers opened standalone Country Club stores in Sandestin, Fla., and Newport, R.I.

The Brooks Brothers Country Club line is further enhanced in 2008 with the launch of the ProSportTM, a line of high-performance garments featuring innovative fabrics.

The Look

The collection is timeless of casual apparel for men and women is offered in a relaxed setting designed to evoke the atmosphere of a classic county club. Merging tradition with innovation, the diverse line reflects the timeless American style and legendary quality for which the company is renowned created in sophisticated, high-performance fabrics that are perfectly suited to the Northwest lifestyle.


2008 New York for Gentlemen (M)
2008 New York for Ladies (W)
2009 Black Fleece (W)
2009 Black Fleece (M)

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