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Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers was introduced in 2006 as a men and women�s high-end collection.

Thom Brown was appointed as a guest designer to create and distribute a 50-piece collection.

The line appeared exclusively in 30 Brooks Brothers stores worldwide beginning in September 2007. In July 2008, Thom Browne and Brooks Brothers announced their decision to continue their partnership in the Black Fleece collection for another three years. The joint venture proved so successful that Brooks Brothers opened a standalone Black Fleece store located in New York City's West Village.

Black Fleece, a takeoff on the traditional Brooks Brothers "Golden Fleece" logo of a sheep encircled with a ribbon, marks the second time in recent years that the clothier has attempted to launch a sub brand.


2008 New York for Gentlemen (M)
2008 New York for Ladies (W)
2009 Black Fleece (W)
2009 Black Fleece (M)

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