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Breil Milano is a contemporary archetype and a new take on luxury, with appealing, chic products, capable of surprise through unusual details and new and fascinating keys to interpretation.

Breil Milano watches are designed in Italy yet strictly made in Switzerland as a guarantee of their technical performance. The design style is a wonderful manifestation of the art of combining classic elements with more modern details, the result of non-stop Breil Milano design research and an expression of Italian style, particularly Milanese style. The original shapes are enhanced by surprising colors, techniques and combinations of materials. Constructional details such as the multilayer case underscore the technical excellence achieved by the brand.


The beginning of a great success: 1939 saw the release of the first watch by Breil; already the first watches were distinguished by their feeling for the aesthetic trends of the moment and by the careful design research involved.

Breil Milano had its finger on the pulse of new styles and trends in the world of watch making. The refinement of Beaubourg created a stir and esteem among the public and experts alike and launched something completely new in 1979: the strap with a buttom fastener.

In 1984 Breil Milano was the first to make venture out into a new area of rubber watches. Quickly reached unheard of targets: over 1,000,000 pieces sold in Italy. And it was Hip Hop mania.

1994 saw the beginning of a new ear. Breil Milano created the unisex watch: with Manta was born the first chronometer with masculine lines designed also for the feminine wrist. The qualities defined the Breil Milano woman were also expressed in the field of advertising: power and sensuality, instinctive charm and audacity.

In 2001 Breil Milano introduced an all Italian designed jewellery line in steel, entrusting the image of a fascinating, seductive and distinctive personality to a material that is symbolic of strength and audacity.

In 2006 Breil Milano opened out to a wider, more global vision of lifestyle, to became a point of reference in the world of contemporary accessories. Two sophisticated fragrances, for men and for women, in elegantly sensual bottles using the colour of steel to emphasize the modern and innovative nature of Breil Milano.

In 2007 the Breil Milano eyeglasses were launched. All their eyeglasses feature classic design, smartened by exclusive details that make each and every pair unique, in perfect Breil Milano style.

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