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Bliss Lau


Invariably seeking to blur the lines between the garment and accessory, Bliss Lau represents the juxtaposition of culture, design and aesthetic.

Bliss was launched as an handbag collection and finally four years later after the launch the collection was transitioned into the markedly distinct body-jewelry of today.

In February 2010 the Bliss Lau Fine Jewelry Collection was launched.

By virtue of her approach to design and accessories without boundaries, jewelry has become a new medium to Bliss a method reshape and enhance the most beautiful and forgotten parts of the body. All of the jewelry is created and designed three-dimensionally using traditional garment draping techniques. Each season, Bliss focuses on a new part of the body to enhance and decorate, inspiration is found in history, the study of Hawaiian culture or corsets and armor as well as the architecture of New York such as the Brooklyn Bridge and Chrysler building.

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