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Carla Braccialini

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Mariella Burani Fashion Group


The company was founded in 1954 by Roverto and Carla Braccialini. Originally during the 50�s and 60�s it was a creative artisan workshop creating bags made in straw with leather trim, floral appliqu� and embroidery in bright colours.

In 1976 Roberto Braccialini, co-founder of the company died. With strength and determination, Carla Barccialini, supported by her two sons, Riccardo and Massimo, continued to rebuild the business with tenacity. Throughout the 60�s, 70�s and 80�s Braccialini expanded its business not only in Italy, but also in the USA, Germany and Japan, striking in the best department stores world-wide.

The company�s head office moved to Pontassieve in 1986, few miles from Florence, and this choice enabled Braccialini to diversify its production.

In 1987 a license agreement with English stylist Vivienne Westwood for production and distribution of accessories collection was given.

1988 a partner company Contromano was founded, which besides its own brand, was license of Rocco Barocco accessories collection.

TUA by Braccialini, a new additional collection of accessories for the younger woman was launched in 1990.

Two years later �Metrocity� an additional handbag collection was created.

In 1993 a Braccialini flagship store in Florence opened.

In 1997 a license agreement with Italian stylist, Mila Schon for production and distribution of handbags, belts and accessories was given.

In 2000 a new luxury pole was born. Braccialini has formed a strategic alliance with MBFG, recently listed in the Milan Stock Exchange. Burani has acquired an important share of the Florentine firm becoming the key partner. Together they are planning a medium term programme of common initiatives in all fields, from design to manufacture, logistic to distribution. In this context the opening of new Braccialini boutiques are planned in the short term.

In September 2001 Braccialini flagship stores in Via Montenapoleone in Milan and Ginza, Tokyo opened.

In 2002 further flagship shops in Treviso, Ficcione and Shanghai opened. New offices in Hong Kong.

A new showroom in Milan, in Via Bagutta, and two new boutiques in Italy opened in 2003.

In 2004 a flagship store opened in Roma and the second space in Shanghai, City Plaza. Lincense agreement with Mariella Burani for the production and worldwide distribution of the ladies� accessories was given.

In 2005 a second flagship store opened in Dubai, a second in Hong Kong and the second in Milan.

The sucess oft he name Braccialini has certanly been acquired thanks also to such creative strive wich make it possible every season to come up with five new different and district collections, each with its own unusual taste, and rich in detail.

Handbags and other accessories are created internally by a team of designers and pattern cutters directed by Carla and her son Massimo, while the licensed brands collections are achived together with the fashion house designer.

Today there are 30 monobrand boutiques and showrooms in Florence and Milan.

The Look

Speaking of Bracciani style means speaking of Carla Braccialini who has been ist creator.
Her creative talent has been directed at sperimenting with all possible materials, especially leather but also velvet, brocades and silk, with attention to colours, shapes and all the tiniest details.
The models never clash in their shades of colours, their proportions are always exquisite and rich in surprises. Fashion always means keeping ahead of the times but also never forgetting the rules of good taste in feminine elegance.


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