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Gimmi Baldinini

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Mariella Burani Fashion Group


Like many oft he small companies in the San Mauro Pascoli area on Italy�s Adriatic coast, Baldinini dates from 1919, a period when many itinerant businesses moved into permanent premises. In those years the Baldinini family opened its first workshop with an adjoining sales outlet. This laid the foundation to what, in the space of a few decades, was to become a flourishing small business producing fashion footwear.

Over two generations, it established and consolidated an invaluable tradition, and the workshop, which originally crafted only made-to measure products, thrived, extending its market from the local area to throughout Italy. In 1970 the baton was passed to Gimmi Baldinini, who represents the family�s third generation, and he took over running the business, implementing ambitious expansion programs that have introduced the Baldinini name to the world.

The first shows to bear the Baldinini name were timeless designs that required extensive manual input. The first important milestone was in 1974. This year is fixed into the company memory as the year of the mule, a shoe that was a stunning success and is still remembered today because so many were made � 500 pairs a day with each one completely made by hand.

The Look

Graceful, slender, decisive, finely modeled forms that are always elegant and feminine combined with a perfect fit, even with stilettos.
There�s a thread that links the most important milestones in the history of Baldinini. It traces out a path that, since the beginning, has led to numerous successes and achievements.
The Baldinin style captures the moods of fashion of yesterday and today. It�s everything that�s innovative, fashionable, avant-garde and in step with the times and changing customer tastes.


2008 Baldinini (W)
2008 Baldinini de Nuit (W)
2008 Baldinini Man (M)

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