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Alessandro De Benedetti

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Alessandro De Benedetti


In 1998 Alessandro De Benedetti founded his own label which was shown at the Milan Fashion Week.

The Look

The look: The alternative punk music of the �Eighties, the shadowy gothic sensitivity, a love for the alternative cinema of Russ Meyer and Alejandro Jodorovski, the noir style of Joan Crawford and Siouxsie Sioux, �Fifties French couture and the musical street-style of the last twenty years. Women drawn on paper for underground magazines come to life in collections where dress is the ultimate expression of a world made up of contrasting elements, of icons and personal legends that take shape and transform into ironic, sensual madams, shuffling the cards of style. Beguiling, evocative and mysterious, De Benedetti�s women move between the lines of the stories that inspire his collections and put the woman herself centre-stage, with all her contradictions and her desire to seduce through role-playing games.

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