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Alan Del Rosario


Alan Del Rosario, the couture line, was debuted March 21, 2006, at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week; and so far the reaction has been incredible. People still remembered Alan from his previous line, Del Rosario.

From Alan’s first line a few years ago, a typical outfit retailed from $800.00-$900.00. But now with the new couture line, the prices range from $1500.00-$3000.00 depending on the style.

The Look

He said that he designs for the modern woman, simple and sophisticated. Asked what sexy means to him, he said, “Comfort. Comfort is sexy to me. You have a lot of women that wear these very nice outfits but they look stiff like they can’t move.

Who Wears It

Michele Pfeiffer, Debra Messing, Paris Hilton, Drew Barrymore

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