Verónica Santos is a professional photographer based in Madrid, Spain. She has been taking photographs since she was a child, and her passion for photography has only grown over the years.

Verónica's work focuses on capturing the beauty of everyday life, from street scenes to landscapes. She has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Latin America, capturing the unique cultures and people of each place she visits. Her work has been featured in numerous publications, including National Geographic and The New York Times.

Verónica is also an active member of the photography community, teaching classes and workshops on photography techniques and post-processing. She is passionate about helping others learn how to take better photos and express themselves through their art.

Verónica's work is characterized by its vibrant colors and unique perspectives. Her photographs are often filled with emotion, capturing moments that are both beautiful and fleeting. Verónica believes that photography should be used to tell stories, not just take pretty pictures.

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